This is the class website for Web Type at RISD, Spring 2022 with Marie Otsuka. It is a work in progress.

The site structure and materials are influenced by the work of Laurel Schwulst, Minkyoung Kim, Chris Hamamoto, and previous iterations RISD’s GD for the Web, Wintersession Web Design, and Web Progamming classes.

The primary typeface used is Pentameter Variable, designed with the spirit of the class in mind: creative coding. Although a monospace, it draws from characteristics of handwriting traditionally found in italic forms, making a mechanical and clunky script.

The site is a static site generated by 11ty and the full code for this site is available on Github, hosted on a GreenGeeks server.

The website will evolve as we progress through our class — please check back often for up to date resources.